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Memo - Flat coated championship 2015



 Welcome to Flatcoated Retrievers Swedish Championship

8-9 August 2015. 








The championship arranged by Swedish Flatcoated Retriever association is the largest contest in Europe for one single breed.






The location of the championship is Kosta firing ground in the middle of Småland in “the Kingdom of Crystal”.



The firing ground was Kronoberg regiment´s main exercises and firing range up until the military education was discontinued in 1992. Kronoberg regiment was disbanded entirely in 1997 and today the responsibility for the ground is Karlskrona Naval Base.


Kosta firing range has amazing opportunities for our championship. It consists of amazing terrain, lakes, accommodations, restaurant etc. which makes it a perfect place for our championship.

Kosta is also known for its glassworks which is also worth a visit. Close to the glassworks you will also find Kosta Outlet and Kosta Boda Art Hotel with its glass bar.





Event information FM 8-9 Aug. 2015

The championship will be performed as a working test with 5 exercises.



Event information

The Championship is a competition. For this reason, the performance does not have to follow the rules and regulation as for our traditional B-prov (cold games) but instead can have a much more flexible set up and use dummies as retrieving objects.


The competition shall use limited numbers of cold game, min 3 and max 6 per dog and it is up to the management to decide if it shall be used during qualification round or in a possible final.


Dog can only attend in one class as follows:


UKL                     Young dogs less than 24 month of age. Dogs are allowed to have achievements in any class, only the age is limiting the possibility to attend in this class.


NKL                     Beginners class, dogs older than 24 months and with no earlier start in open class.


ÖKL                     Open class, dogs that has achievements from lower class to qualify for start in Open class and with no earlier start to winners class.


EKL                      Winners class, dogs with achievements from open class to qualify start in winners class.


VKL                     dogs older than 9 years old.



Manager: Andreas Josefsson 070-3822191 josefssona@bredband.net

Secretary: Hans Olofsson 0734-382426 hans.olofsson@live.com


We hope to receive lots of participants !




Entry form to FM 8-9 Aug. 2015


Entry form to the championship will be opened in March/April 2015






Carina Asp

Leif Asp

P-A Norling

Ola Thunberg

Sören Swärdh

Sven Ludvigsson

Agneta Strömvall

Bengt Andersson

Sofia Larsson

Jens Palmqvist

Ingela Karlsson

Anna-Lena Wendt

Kurt Idulv

Heidi Kvan

Bjarne Holm






We will be able to offer over 100 beds in two-bed rooms at a reasonable fare. Dogs are however not allowed in these rooms


At Kosta site we have a lot of ground for caravans as well as access to electricity. At the site we also have good sanitary facilities with toilets and showers.





You will be able to book all meals for the weekend when you register your participation in the entry form.


Bread (4 kinds), toppings(4 varieties), jam, vegetables, porridgewith jam, sour milk, muesli, corn flakes,eggs, coffee, tea, chocolate, juice, milk.



Lunch saturday

Heartybeef stew, vegetables, rice
Forlunch includesbutter, bread, saladand drink(soft drink or milk



Buffet Saturdayevening

Chilimarinatedchicken withchilliyoghurt,herb friedpork withbasil dressing, roast beef with roastedonions,pastrami, pepper salami, watermelon, pasta salad, potato salad, honey roasted root vegetablesandpotato gratin, garlic baguette,baguette,butter,saladand drink(soft drink or milk)

Lunch sunday

Roastpork loinwith roasted root vegetables, cream sauce and friedleekpotatoes.
Forlunch includesbutter, bread, saladand drink(soft drink or milk)











No championship without sponsors –


THANK YOU all of you that are supporting our championship!


Do you want to contribute?


Take a contact to the staff in charge:


Elenor Rohlin, elenor.rohlin@hotmail.com